tower speaker


The HR300T 3-way freestanding tower speaker is part of the Destination Audio's HR300 Series freestanding speaker system. The HR300T provides highly articulate and accurate reproduction of the audio signal using an 8-inch side firing subwoofer and the dual 5¼-inch aluminized fiberglass matrix woofers. The 1-inch nano-silk tweeter is used for high frequencies. Higher power handling is achieved through the use of liquid cooling in the tweeter. To protect the tweeter against being over driven, a poly switch (a DC current limiting device) is incorporated in the crossover network. The use of these high quality crossover networks allow each speaker to operate at its optimal performance. Both the drivers and tweeter are video shielded to cancel any stray magnetic fields which may cause interference with video equipment such as CRT televisions. Large 5-way binding posts ensure a good, solid electrical connection to these crossover networks. The use of these high quality crossover networks allow each speaker to operate at its optimal performance. The HR300 Series cabinets are constructed of medium density fiberboard because of its inert properties, thereby preventing sound coloration due to cabinet diffraction. The thickness of the front baffle also prevents excess acoustic radiation.


The performance from this ultra slim tower speaker is remarkable. The HR500T uses four aluminized fiberglass matrix mid-range drivers and a nano-silk tweeter to create stunning sound. Whether you want to use these speakers for listening to music or for home theater, you will find that they will provide dynamic sound for either application. The HR500T comes with a pewter baffle. However, the pewter baffle can be removed and replaced with a rosewood, cherry or black baffle. This provides great flexibility when it comes time to redecorate the room, or relocate the speakers. Just change the baffle on the face of the speaker, and it fits with the new decor.


The HR-6CT is a fantastic tower speaker for home theaters and listening rooms alike. The flagship of the MC Series, the HR-6CT really lives up to that moniker by reproducing surprisingly accurate and deep bass without the aid of a subwoofer; however, the HR-6CT also shows it’s softer side with a lush and layered top end which belies its affordable price tag. The HR-6CT features RBH’s exclusive aluminum cone technology, employing three 6½-inch woofers and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter.